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Ungava Gin
Custom Hoodies

The Ask

On behalf of Ungava Gin, Corby approached Keco to create a custom apparel piece. They were impressed with what we designed and produced for another one of their brands, Jameson (see that case study here), and wanted something similar without replicating. They knew they wanted a yellow/gold Champion hoodie with a unique design that highlighted their ingredients, so provided guidelines and a short brief.

The Answer

Keco discussed the client’s vision with our design team and worked on a unique concept that aligned with the brand’s goals. Here’s what we came up with:
  • Highlighting the brand logo on the front
  • Custom centrefold woven label sewn around the pouch with designs on both sides
  • The hero was the back which featured a direct to garment (DTG) full colour print emphasizing the main ingredients and profiles with illustrations

The Result

Keco supplied ideation, creative design, and production to such a high calibre that the client emphatically approved the first mock up with zero revisions. A smooth process and execution comes from careful preparation. Learning about the brand and understanding the client’s vision sets the foundation for success… having a talented and versatile design team also helps.

Ungava hoodie on model 2.jpg
Ungava hoodie on model 2.jpg
Copy of ColmRe-Edit-6.jpg
Ungava hoodie back on model.jpg
Copy of ColmRe-Edit-8.jpg
Ungava hoodie back on model.jpg
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