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Who is Keco?

We're local and global.

Keco is a Canadian company with founders in Canada and China. For low minimums and fast turnarounds, we source products from across North America (many within our hometown of Toronto). For larger scale projects, our team in China works closely with reputable factories to custom produce almost anything you can think of. We oversee every step from sourcing and manufacturing to quality control and shipping, so everything arrives exactly as intended. 


Depending on the product and project, we assess the best option to fit your specifications, timeline, and budget. Whatever you need, we've got you covered.


Keco keeps it simple.

Because of our reliable global supply chain, we can produce small and quick orders locally or large and scalable orders from abroad. We manage all logistics including importing, duties, customs, shipping, etc... With Keco, there are no hidden fees or extra stress to sweat.


Our client focused approach makes the entire process easy. So regardless of where your products are made, your experience with us is the same – smooth, simple, and supportive.

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