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St Patrick's Day Hoodies

The Ask

Corby approached Keco to produce a Jameson product to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. They requested a premium sweatshirt with a unique design for a limited edition gift for key bartenders. The main goal was to use a dark green hoodie, celebrate the brand, and incorporate the year (as it was during the pandemic). 

The Answer

Our creative designer extracted assets from Jameson's brand guidelines to create a special look. Rather than just a standard large logo, we presented the following elements:
  • A version of the brand’s seal was printed on the left chest
  • Sewing a two-sided centrefold woven label on the pouch – one side featured the date and the Jameson primary logo on the other
  • The “J” printed on the back was strategically used as it was the brand’s new signifier
  • Text with Jameson’s process and ingredients were printed on the sleeve
  • Custom woven label in the neckline with text we pulled from the brand guidelines that shared part of Jameson’s story​

The Result

The client noticed and appreciated the attention to detail we put in to understanding the brand and respecting the brand guidelines. In fact, Corby was so happy they requested we do something similar for another one of their brands – Ungava Gin (see case study here).

The custom label in the neckline is an extra element to make the wearer feel connected to the product and Jameson’s storied history.

The print on the sleeve is an ideal place for conversation starters between bartenders and customers because of its positioning.

Hidden on the inside of the pouch is the date commemorating the year (first celebration during the pandemic as lockdowns were lifted).
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