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Windbreaker + Packaging

The Ask

Keco worked directly with Aphria (now Tilray) on the RIFF brand to develop a dope product consumers and staff would covet. After some ideation, we landed on a fun concept – a windbreaker in a big baggie – it was truly a joint effort.

The Answer

Custom windbreaker and bag, packed together the way a customer would receive cannabis. RIFF had a number of elements they wanted in the windbreaker. So to ensure everything was perfect, Keco decided to manufacture everything from scratch.

The Result

This was a very collaborative process working side by side with the client discussing exactly what they had in mind while advising from a technical perspective. By working closely together we created a special product that reflected the brand's culture. They loved how customized it was and that we were able to deliver exactly what they envisioned.



The client had a very precise vision, so to bring that to life Keco created these jackets based on the following elements:
  • A modern collar shape
  • Thick cuffs
  • Pocket positioning and depth
  • Matte black button clasps
  • Black metallic tips on the bottom drawstring
  • Branded woven label in neckline
  • RIFF design printed on the front chest and across the back
  • Specific look and feel for outer shell material
  • Breathable mesh liner


The next element was the packaging experience. As RIFF is a cannabis brand, we tried to replicate how their product is often packaged and received – basically a really big baggie. This took the form of a mylar bag with a metallic finish on one side and clear window on the other. The metallic side had a branded print. The clear window side showed off the windbreaker with printed logo facing out when folded and placed precisely. The windbreaker was packaged into the bag before shipping to the client so it was ready to go.
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