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Rebrand Launch Pack

The Ask

Keco was approached by branding and design agency Jacknife to support the launch of aerospace technology company MDA’s rebrand. The request was for high quality unique products that would be distributed to 2,000+ staff members. The products included a water bottle, a promo pack, and weekender bag.

The Answer

Jacknife had created all the beautiful designs so it was up to Keco to bring them to life. In order to fit the desired specifications and bring this visions to life, we had to create most of the items from scratch. 

The Result

Both Jacknife and MDA were over the moon with the final products – exceeding expectations. The clients expressed how pleased they were with the experience as photos and videos from the factory were shared along the way, comforting them knowing every detail was looked after. Despite a super tight deadline, everything was turned around on time and on budget.

Water Bottle

The high end water bottle was matte black with a portion of the stainless steel showing. These were 21oz double wall stainless steel thermal bottles with copper vacuum insulation, threaded insulated lid, and powder coated finish.
A cool aspect of this product is the printing on the top of the lid – something very few facilities have the capability to do. Our favourite feature though is the threading located on the inside of the lip, so when you put the bottle to your mouth it is a completely smooth surface when you drink.

Promo Pack

This pack contained dye-cut stickers, a badge, and a pin. The pin used a soft rubber backing clasp instead of the traditional metallic pinch that can be tricky to fiddle with and uncomfortable against your body. All these items were packed inside a mylar bag that had a satin metallic finish and branded design printed on the front.

Weekender Bag

This was the trickiest (and most fun) of the asks. The result was a waterproof unstructured bag with carry handles, adjustable slider buckles on the sides, and detachable shoulder strap. All straps were Pantone matched to MDA’s brand colours, as were the prints on the side and top of the bag. Additionally, we were able to deboss the MDA logo on the zipper pull.


Materials were selected to ensure strength and long-term durability. Part of our quality control steps included making a prototype of the bag and doing a stress test. Weights were placed inside and the bag attached to a machine that raised then dropped hundreds of times to simulate years of wear and tear.

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